Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbye Telstra, Hello Vodafone

One week has elapsed since I ported our mobile numbers from Telstra to Vodafone and the sky didn't fall in.

When I mentioned to some people that I was changing I got some puzzled looks. It seemed that many people questioned my decision with one person asking whether I valued my business.

Yes I am well aware of the problems Vodafone had with their network.  Yes their network had severe issues, but do you realise that was back in 2010.

In the end, their offer was to good to refuse.  I stand to save thousands of dollars over 2 years.  Each time I raised an objection they simply shut it down by upping their offer. 

I know the mobile phone is integral in both business and in my personal life but there are alternatives.  Just hours before writing this blog my mobile phone went flat while on an interstate trip.  No problem, I had skype,and email as backup. Still plenty of ways for me to keep in touch and people to keep in touch with me.

And to the people who questioned my decision I ask, would my customers really hold me responsible for any problems of my mobile network provider?  

My switch to Vodafone should save me thousands and if it means a few drop outs well I guess I am doing my bit to keep the industry competitive.  Really, where would we be if we were still at the mercy of just Telstra.

I have my fingers crossed and I am sure Vodafone wont let me down.

Please let me know what your mobile network provider is like.