Thursday, August 30, 2012

Continuing to invest in the latest technology.

You may have read a previous blog about my determination to find a True Cloud accounting package.  We gave the Quickbooks online offering a trial, which in reality was just their standard software solution dished up to the web using a terminal service or Citrix.

Well I think I may have found what I have been looking for.  Xero is a true cloud offering so it meets our ICT strategy perfectly.  It is simple to use, completely web based and even has an iPad app to allow me to check things on the go - which I never do.

This is not an ad for Xero.  It's just that I love when technology is affordable and can make a difference to productivity.

Some of the things Xero will allow us to do is fully integrate with our Enterprise solution. We are very proud of our purpose built software solution, however, it still requires some duplication of work to ensure our accounting software is up to date.

We are working at the moment with our IT team, TLA Software Solutions to share information between the two systems which we are confident will generate significant efficiencies within our organisation.

These efficiencies also flow through to our competitive pricing model ensuring we offer value-for-money on the services we provide.

Xero already allows us to do a number of tasks that previously weren't available to us including
  • Online payslips available for viewing by staff.
  • Online annual leave requests.
  • Daily bank account reconciliation, using the online bank feeds
  • Eileen, our payroll officer loves that payroll can be saved so she can work on other things and come back to where she left off.
Xero doesn't do everything we would like it to :
  • Job costing for individual jobs
  • Past payslips are not easily accessible.  The pay officer must find the actual pay run to find the payslip for the individual.
Overall we are pleased with our decision to switch from Quickbooks to Xero.  Please feel free to comment on this blog and thanks for reading.

Robert Saltalamacchia
Teamwork Oz Pty Ltd